I never knew life would take me into the world of entreprenuership. I remember graduating from college at the tender age of 21 and wanting to move up the corporate ladder. I thought being CEO or CFO was everything and working in corporate America was suppose to be the American dream. Boy was I wrong when reality slapped me in the face and I realized it was a lot harder than I thought. Probably even harder based on my demographics as woman of color. I think the most important thing was being realistic with myself and asking myself what I wanted in life. I knew I loved marketing but the social pressures of wanting a good life and making good money became a constant voice in the back of my head. I don't think I even paid attention to the fact that I was just checking things off boxes and not actually internalizing my life. At around 25, I got restless of sitting in a cube all day. I wanted to do something more with purpose!

I enrolled in a graphic design program and got my certificate in it a year later. I was still working full time but at least I had something that I truly enjoyed doing and most importantly with a purpose. I still work today in corporate but its amazing how much my two worlds align. I started working for a consulting company around the time I was finishing my graphic design certificate.  I soon realized my company was entreprenurial in culture and the skills that I was learning would only help me with my own business. After reflecting, I realized being in corporate was grooming in so many ways to becoming an entreprenuer. I was learning communication skills, written verbal, how to talk to different personalitites, business development, and delivering excellent customer service. I realized that sometimes, you don't know why you're on a path until you get to the next stop.

I spent a lot of time regretting that I didn't pursue marketing after college, but the truth was my path was preparing me for entreprenuership, something I didn't even know I wanted. My message is make sure that when you are in a position that doesn't appear to be as favorable, make sure to soak up as much you can. You never know what that role could be preparing you for. 

- Angel